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Zoom is ranked #1 in customer reviews. It is quick to set up, easy to master and allows you to avoid the hefty commissions charged by online agencies.

Free video recording

Stay safe and deliver your clients maximum value with free video recordings of every lesson.

Trusted by top Universities

Complete flexibility

Over $100m invested in the technology and used by over 5000 world leading Universities.

Teach your way using seamless online classroom technology built by world leading experts.


by 5000+ Top Universities.

Don’t settle for second best! We have teamed up with our friends at Zoom® to bring you free access to the world's most advanced recordable online classroom. 

Zoom is…

  • Ranked No.1 in the world
  • Used by over 5000 of the world's top Universities
  • A leader - investing $100m in their technology

Unshackle yourselves from hefty commissions… Old school online tutoring agencies have used low cost whiteboard platforms to justify their hefty commissions – up to 80% mark up!

Tutors are now referring to these as online “£commission rooms” rather than “classrooms”.

Tutorsave prefer to be transparent and fair to families and tutors. When it comes to online tuition, our primary concern is to give our students and tutors access to the best online teaching platform – FREE!

Video conferencing.

Better for Students – Better for Your Pocket!

How it works

Schedule a session

Hit record and teach your session

Get paid your full hourly rate directly

"If only I'd known about Zoom earlier, I could have saved my families a small fortune in commissions"

Don't just take our word for it...

"Would definitely move my tutees now I know about Zoom"

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"THE BEST video conferencing service/platform that exists... use Zoom almost every day"

Ranked No. 1

Top Quality

Is Zoom® really better than a tutor agency whiteboard?

The facts are clear. Zoom® is ranked #1 in the world by customers and trusted by over 5000 leading Universities. It’s better for your students and better for your pocket. Knowing that the world’s #1 Recordable Online Classroom is free, why pay up to 80% mark up to an agency and settle for second best?

What is Zoom® and how do I set it up?

Zoom® is a desktop application that enables you to collaborate in real time with your students. Simply click here, sign up free and follow the simple instructions to complete installation and set up. You'll be up and running in a matter of moments.

Does Zoom® have a built-in collaborative whiteboard?

Yes, here is a quick video from Matt at Smart Online Tutoring to show you how it works...

Yes. Here is another quick video from Matt at Smart Online Tutoring to show you how it works...

Does Zoom® let me record my online sessions?

Our recommended process is for you to record the session and send the video file to your client via Google Drive, Dropbox or An alternative method is for your student to record the session and download the file directly into their computer.

Yes. Here is another quick video from Matt at Smart Online Tutoring to show you how it works with a Google slides presentation......

Does Zoom® let me tutor using a presentation I've already created?

You can use any type of presentation software with Zoom® using the same method displayed in this video. You may prefer to use Prezzi, PowerPoint, Word and/or Excel. It's up to you!

Does Zoom® let me annotate in real time with my students?

Yes. Here is another quick video from Matt at Smart Online Tutoring showing you how to annotate very easily using Zoom®......

Amazing customer support

Zoom® has a fully trained team of experts on hand to help out with anything.

Alternatively click here for more instructional videos.

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