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1. Work with a team you can be seriously proud of!

Whether you are currently working with a commission based agency or one which charges mandatory fixed (introduction) fees, Tutorsave offers significant upsides. As a team we are targeting to put up to £300 million back in the pockets of hard working parents and tutors in the UK... something we can all be really proud to put on our CV!

How are we better than commission agencies and mandatory fixed fee agencies?

Better for you. Better for parents.

2. Everything you'd expect from a top agency

Tutor Screening Department

But fairer for everyone*

Our amazing team do all the hard work for you. Simply create your free advert and we'll find you great tutoring jobs.

*With no commission or mandatory "introduction" fee for your favourite tutor we will soon be the first place parents look when they want to find a tutor...

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Trust & Safety Centre

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3. Happier tutors working with happier clients

With some agencies, a tutor priced at £18 per hour might only receive £10 per hour from the agency - that's a whopping 80% markup!

Tutorsave tutors can split the difference (ie charge £14), offer a 22% discount to their families and still earn 40% more per hour themselves.

It is free for Tutorsave parents to "unlock" the contact details of their favourite tutor (£4.95 thereafter, which is a fraction of the cost of other agencies )

It's not hard to see why tutors and parents are so much happier with this model.

You earn more. They pay less.

4. Secure tutor vetting process

Helping parents feel safer

When you apply for a job on the site, you should be prepared to answer and provide evidence for the following...

The Trust & Safety Centre maintains our high quality standards by providing parents and tutors with rigorous interview, hiring and safety guidelines.

Reviews and/or references

Subject qualifications

Tutoring experience

How It Works

Find new students really easily and get paid your full hourly rate

Register and place a free ad

Be alerted when tutoring jobs match your ad

Message parents to arrange lessons

Teach and get paid directly

No more awkward client questions.

Parents want transparency and value for money; not small print, deflections or lies. They want an alternative to mandatory high commissions and fixed fees. With us, you can avoid those awkward questions…

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Our Small BIG Print

Hard working families and tutors deserve transparency and are demanding better value for money. It’s time to stop hiding mandatory commissions and fees and start focusing on a fairer deal for tutors and parents…

How do you compare to other UK tutoring agencies?

See for yourself. We have no complicated tiering systems or finder's fees. Just a simple, direct approach with a 0% flat rate of commission and no mandatory fixed fees.

Agencies like to say 'commission' because it make things look rosier than they really are. If you have a look at you'll see the real markups that parents are paying.

At MyTutor, for example, parents are charged £18 per hour for a tutor that is only getting paid £10 per hour. This is an 80% mark up or a 44% commission per session.

Fixed fee agents like TutorHunt and FirstTutors can appear good value, but what if a parent only wants a few tutor sessions or wants to change tutors? Paying up to £24.99 for three £15/hr tutor sessions is actually a 55% mark up.

We don't force anyone to pay mandatory fees or commissions, so it's easy to see why tutors and parents are joining Tutorsave. 

If you don't charge commission, how do you make money?

There must be a catch, right? We’re pleased to say there isn't.

How it works

Get hired without paying a penny.

Parents are free to unlock the contact details of their favourite tutor, then have to pay £4.95 to unlock each additional tutor's details. Either way, you get hired without paying a single penny.

Tutors also have an opportunity to unlock their own contact details and appear higher in the search listings from just £4.95. Perfect if you are looking to maximise your enquires and boost your chances of winning more work.

But remember, the site is free to use and we estimate that up to 95% of our users will never pay us a penny!

If you're not at the top of Google, how will you get me clients?

Traditional commission agencies spend your wages competing against each other on Google to drive anonymous users to their site. Our Customer Champion Team are creating real human connections via our social media channels. We take a simpler, more direct and cheaper word-of-mouth approach. Why does it work for us? Because we offer such a radical solution that is fairer to everyone, parents love us and then tell their friends. Good news travels fast.

How do you make it easy for me to tutor online?

We partner with Zoom© to give all of our tutors free access to the World's No.1 recordable online classroom, used by over 5000 leading Universities. It is proven, simple and unbeatably reliable. We care that our tutors have access to the best online teaching platform. We don’t need to build yet another online classroom just so that we can charge you commission – because we don’t charge commission!

Find out more about Zoom©

Are you really the fastest growing network of top tutors?

Our social network of tutors are able to connect with parents free of charge. Not surprisingly, we had around 700 connections in our first few weeks. Our network of top tutors has grown at a whopping 286% week on week* since we started in October 2017. Can anyone really beat that? The bottom line is that tutors love our mission for no commission, earning more per hour and helping to change the lives of more families across the UK. What's not to like?

*Correct at the time of writing

What will my free advert look like?

You'll get a beautiful, functional and fully responsive advert to showcase all of your services to potential clients, wherever they are. It's all yours free of charge.

How do I apply? Will I be accepted?

You can apply to join by clicking the link below, registering free and submitting the advert form within your account dashboard.

We accept applications from new and established tutors that show a passion for education and share our mission to help change the lives of more children across the UK.

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Loved by tutors and parents

"If only I'd known about this earlier, I could have saved myself and my families a small fortune in commissions and fees"

Best value

"I love knowing that the community I am part of is working together to change more lives"


"Tutorsave are transparent and fair. The commission elephant has finally left my classroom"


It's really easy to get started!

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